Martyn Smith

Managing Director

My wife Bridgette & I bought Connect Systems from All Cooper in April 2008,  the world’s economy collapsed in July that year. It was a tough start but we certainly learnt a lot! Since that difficult start we have grown year on year and we couldn’t have done that without the incredible team we have working with us.

I started my working life at Dowty’s in 1972 so it’s strange that they are now one of our biggest customers although renamed as Safran.

I have always been passionate about cars & enjoyed circuit racing in an MG Midget for in the late 1990’s.  I have owned a 1966 MGB for over 45 years, a 1949 MG TC & a 15 year old Porsche.

I have 2 Children, Chris and Lucy, 3 grandsons Jacob, Toby & Freddie, 2 grand dogs Bailey & Milo.

Phone 01452 858030
Mobile 07812 105192