Chris Shanks on His Professional Development at GBE Converge

"We have great customers that are a pleasure to work with and I’m often found laughing away when I’m on the phone to them. Even the slightly more difficult customers are a challenge but I enjoy to meeting their high expectations."

How did you get into what you do?

I was previously a network engineer working for an events company travelling the world after graduating from Aberdeen University with a degree in Artificial Intelligence. After two years I decided that I wanted to settle down and start a career in something that interested me which is people and technology.

What has been your favourite piece of work at GBE Converge?

I have recently spent a lot of time looking at our cloud service offering such as Office 365. I like to think myself a bit of a guru within the sales team. It has proven really successful not only saving the group money but making various jobs easier and more efficient for sales and accounts.

How has your career at GBE Converge developed?

I have progressed through various training opportunities and being mentored by line manager and getting to work closely with the managing director. The biggest development is being allowed the opportunity to tackle the bigger projects and proposals so you have chance to prove yourself and flourish and stand up to the challenge in front of you.

Are there any key projects you are working on currently?

I am currently aiming to get the company it’s next Microsoft Accreditation, the Cloud Platform Competency.

What might someone be surprised to know about you?

I’m a trained fire breather, whilst at university I was vice president of the circus society and we used to travel around the UK and Europe performing.